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Photographer Brenda Read Brenda Read, where creativity and passion meet photography. These two words define the very core of whom and what Brenda signifies. Add her extraordinary ability to connect with a wide range of people and personalities and you have award winning and breathtaking photos. These talents shine through while she works with anyone from expecting moms to physicians and even with professional athletes.

Although her creativity and passion for photography are the driving force in all of Brenda's work, her respect for her clients and for her subjects consistently lead her to create remarkable images.

In addition to her hours spent in the studio building her business, Brenda's compassion drives her to regularly volunteer her time to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, non-profit childcare facilities, and even to terminally ill cancer patients. Her hope is that photography will impact their lives in a positive manner as it has her own.

Her appreciation and value for the profession and her qualities have helped her gain acknowledgement with prestigious institutions such as The New York Photography Institute and the Smithsonian Institution, both of which have exhibited her work.

Short list of organizations/distinguished individuals that have sought after Brenda's work and noteable subjects.
The Smithsonian Institute
New York Institute of Photography (NYIP)
Sports Illustrated (
Union Pacific
Isobar Marketing
Image Magazine
Allstate Insurance
Meineke Car Care
RedPeg Marketing
Geico Insurance
Farmers Insurance
City of San Anontio
Dr. Craig L. McDonald MD, PA (Chief of Staff)
Billy Burge - Ayrshire Corporation
J.W. Harris (World Champion Bull Rider)
Jessica Mendoza (Olympian)
Natasha Watley (Olympian)
Monica Abbott (Olympian)

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